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About Us


What's a Schusser?

The Schussers Ski and Sports Club is a group of downhill ski enthusiasts from the New England area who maintain a year-round ski, sports and social club in Glen, New Hampshire for the benefit of the membership. We're part of a wider network of clubs and are involved with them year-round for sports activities and social events. All Schussers are members of the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League (EICSL) and some belong to the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and Boston Ski and Sports Club (BSSC).  

We also get involved with the local community charities and food banks from time to time.


We have some singles, some couples, and range in age from mid 20's to 70's and beyond! The current membership enjoys these activities:


  • Road Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Water Sports


Check out our Activities, FAQ and Membership pages to find out more.



Schussers History


The Massa-Schussers Ski Club was founded on October 22, 1947 by a group of 38 skiers who met at the Oak Grove Community House in Malden, Massachusetts to organize a ski "social" club. The organizers of the first club meeting on October 22, 1947 were Frances Noseworthy Barclay, Virginia Allen, and Marion Jury Durgin. The Club was first named in 1947 as the Ski Curves Club, and soon after changed to the Ski Devils Club. In 1948 it became the Massa-Schussers Ski Club of Malden, and finally incorporated on December 7, 1949 to become the present-day Schussers Ski and Sports Club.



Schussers Join Inter Club Ski League

In December of 1948 the Club joined the “Inter Club Ski League of Greater Boston”, now known as the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League (EICSL). Our members have held several key offices in this group over the years, and we still have a Club Representative each year. We have also participated in EICSL racing events since 1949.



Searching For A Home



In its early years the membership leased various buildings, including one on the site of the present Cathedral Ledges Condominiums in Intervale at the Scenic Vista, and at Top Hill, Dearborn Inn and Swiss Inn in North Conway. The membership participated in all-season activities with the Inter-Club Ski League and we had many of our own Club socials and ski trips.


A “Ways and Means Committee” was formed in June 1949 to raise money to purchase a lodge. In 1953 the membership agreed to make pledges and on April 7, 1954, a $1,500 down payment was made for the Glen property called “Tall Timbers”. Tall Timbers became the new home (and current site) of the Massa-Schussers on May 30, 1954. Social activities continued with bicycle races, luaus, Wiers Beach weekends, steak cookouts and member marriages. The first cook was hired for the winter season of 1961- 1962 and we still enjoy the culinary talents of local cooks during ski season.



Disaster Strikes



On Monday, March 11, 1963 the 75-year old Tall Timbers house burned to the ground. $18,000 in personal effects, $8,000 on lodge contents, and $17,000 on the lodge itself were lost for a total of $43,000. Within two days of the fire, letters were received from nearby ski clubs expressing sympathy and offering hospitality to us all when up-country.


Jack Frost Ski Shop sent a check. The townspeople of Glen offered a weekend of work, bulldozers, trucks and anything else that we needed. On March 16, 1963, sixty members met at an emergency meeting and voted unanimously to build a new and better lodge. This was the beginning of our Capital Improvements committee for major lodge projects.                                         



A Lasting Presence



For over twenty-five years we held a huge yard sale/bazaar on Columbus Day weekend to raise funds for the club, but have recently moved on to find new ideas. We also had our annual XMAS Tree Cutting Celebration for members in December, followed later in the month by a Children’s XMAS Party for local kids. Today, the Club holds a place in the community by supporting local causes. Our focus is still on skiing and the pleasure of socializing with other skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.


The Club logo was designed by Barbara (“Stackey”) Crowley, a member who joined in the early 1950's. The sign was originally made by Jim Dolan, also a member back in the 1950's.

The success of the Massa-Schussers over the last 60+ years has been mainly due to effective management by and the dedication of the Officers, Directors and Committee Chairmen, and the enthusiastic cooperation of the membership.





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